[SYSTEM] Elemental Spell - | PRICE: 180€ |

- The Elemental Spell can be added to a weapon (+7) or higher. After adding the bonus for the first time, it can be entered twice more, reaching a maximum of three increments.
-Dragging it on your weapon will open a window with the values of the possible increase.
It takes 3,000,000 yang to complete the process.
Adding the bonus can fail. 
-Once the Elemental Spell has been successfully inserted, an indicator will appear under the name of the weapon that will highlight the Elemental Spell present and its rank.
-Each degree of the bonus will allow you to increase the Attack Value of the weapon and the Strength of the Element in a random and unrelated manner.
-If the weapon is grade 2 or 3, it is possible to remove the last increment added, returning the weapon to the previous values.
-The values that can be obtained are random.

Price: 180€