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[SYSTEM] MailBox - | PRICE: 50€ |

-What is the mail system?.
- The new mail system not only allows sending and receiving text ?messages to other players, but also objects, Yang and Won?
How can I open the mailbox?
You can access your inbox through the NPC Mailbox. It is shaped like a mailbox and is located in the villages and land of the guild, as well as in the Cape of the Dragon of Fire.
You can also purchase a Portable Mailbox in the Object Store to access your messages from anywhere without depending on the position of the NPC

How can I send a message?
Open your inbox through the NPC Mailbox or, if you have one, the Portable Mailbox. Click on the envelope at the bottom right. A new message window will open. Now, specify the recipient's name in the corresponding field and mark it to confirm. Write a subject and the text; attach an object, Yang or Won if you wish, and then send the message with a click on "Send".


How can I know if they have sent me a new message?
A small envelope appears on the edge of the Minimap that tells you to receive a new message.


How much does it cost to send messages?
For sending messages a fee of 1000 Yang is charged.


How much does it cost to receive Yang?
5% of the amount received will be charged as fees. For sending Won no fees apply.

If I select "Delete all", will I also delete messages with attachments?
Do not worry, in that case messages with objects, Yang or Won will not be erased.


How can I send an object?
Open a new message and your inventory. Now, drag the object you want to send to the corresponding field of the message.


How can I send Yang or Won?
Open a new message, click on the Yang or Won icon, enter the amount you want to send and confirm by pressing "OK".


Can I send more than one object per message?
You can send an object or a set of stacked objects. However, you will not be able to send multiple independent objects in a single message.


How many emails can I receive?
You can store a maximum of 20 player messages in your inbox. To receive more, you will first have to erase old messages. (Modifiable Quantity)

News Features
* Won compatible with the mailbox.
* Transmutation compatible with the mailbox.
* Stoles compatible with the mailbox.

Price: 100€ Offert: 50€

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