IMPORTANT: Special discount of 50% in various systems until 20-12-2023

[SYSTEM] Extra Equipment Page

This system based on the official, which allows to have a new equipment window.

Price: 140€ Offert: 70€

[SYSTEM] BlackJack

New mini-game based on blackjack.

Price: 120€ Offert: 60€

[SYSTEM] Flower Event

Official flower event, allows to improve the cultivation techniques of all users.

Price: 80€ Offert: 40€

[SYSTEM] Fast Equip

This system allows you to have several teams saved and change them in seconds.

Price: 80€ Offert: 40€


The system allows you to change the bonuses of the items easily and quickly.

Price: 120€ Offert: 60€

[SYSTEM] Elemental Spell

New system that allows you to increase the percentage of elemental strength, It consists of adding an Elemental Spell to your weapon.

Price: 180€ Offert: 90€

[SYSTEM] Stone (Change - Add - Transfer)

This system allows adding, changing, transferring the stones of the item.

Price: 80€ Offert: 40€

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